Photo Credit: @ Shikha Malaviya 2013

                      Photo Credit: @ Shikha Malaviya 2013

Poetry Manuscript Review

Give a boost to your manuscript & make the most impact with my rigorous and personalized manuscript development services!

What you'll get:  I read through the manuscript twice, first for overall theme and flow of ideas, and second for a rigorous questioning and commenting. Each poem will receive suggested line edits when necessary, as well as discussion of what is working in each poem, and how it fits into the overall theme and arc of the collection. On particular poems where revision is suggested, the commentary will be substantial, but always with an eye to give new a new lens to the author:  a true “re-vision” or another way of seeing the poem. I discuss all aspects of where the poem is working or may do more work, including titles, line breaks, syntax, white space, sound, pacing, as well as formal concerns.

We will discuss the merits and logic of sections (or no sections) and ordering the manuscript. Besides the line edits and commentary within the manuscript, I also write and editorial letter, which addresses

  • overall flow, momentum, and pacing
  • form and structure
  • places to cut or to expand
  • idea and theme
  • any recurring issues dealing with writing or grammar
  • your questions

Manuscript reviews happen via email. Yes, follow up questions or clarifications are a part of the package, and encouraged! The manuscript review comes with a 45 minute Skype meeting after you have had time to review the comments, to go over any ideas or questions you may have in detail.

Pricing: $15.50/page

Please note, all manuscripts should be typed in 12-point Times New Roman font with 1" margins. You should also provide a list of questions.

Email, with the subject line "Manuscript Review" for queries and how to get started!

             Photo Credit: © Ellen Kombiyil 2015

             Photo Credit: © Ellen Kombiyil 2015

Individual Poetry Mentoring

Poets seeking help with all aspects of the writing life can work with Ellen one-on-one over Skype. Our time together might include

  • Rigorous discussion of your poems
  • Personalized prompts or writing games
  • Talking through obstacles and setting writing goals
  • Setting realistic expectations and mapping milestones towards successful completion of your project
  • Discussing submissions strategies and markets for your work
  • Rediscovering the joy in your work

Pricing:  $120/hour

Special 6-pack Pricing:  6 sessions for $600

This best deal for writers allows you the flexibility to parse out our time however you like:  a 6-week course with weekly meetings and homework, or 12 half-hour sessions sprinkled throughout the year to help you stay on track with your project.

Email with the subject line "Individual Poetry Mentoring" with queries or how to get started. I offer a FREE 30-minute phone call to discuss your needs and how we might work together, which you can request in your query email.